Biodata of Guru Smt. Ranganayaki Rajan

Smt. Ranganayaki Rajan is an accomplished vocalist and Mridangam player. She has captivated and enthralled music lovers with her divine voice and enchanting rendering of music.

Smt. Ranganayaki Rajan, the youngest daughter of Smt. Rajamma and Sri. Sampath Iyengar hails from a family of connoisseurs of Carnatic music. She was introduced to the world of Carnatic music at the tender age of seven, thanks to her parents who recognized her immense talent and interest in Veena. Realizing her potential, Smt. and Sri. Rajashree exposed her to Carnatic music in which she excelled. A child prodigy that she was, Smt. Ranganayaki Rajan developed her skills in Mridangam, a percussion instrument, under the tutelage of Vidwan A. Rajachar. Pursuit of Mridangam was considered a rariety among women at that time. She then proceeded to attain "Vidwat", the highest accolade in both Music and Mridangam and secured the highest rank for which the Academy of Music and Dance honored her.

At the age of fifteen, she performed the Ragam Thanam and Pallavi, a complex piece at Parthasarathy Swamy Sabha, Chennai, which was very well received. Ever since, she has been performing at many esteemed Sabhas all over India. Thanks to her husband, Mr. N. Srirangarajan, a builder and promoter by profession, her dream of opening a school of performing arts was fulfilled in the year 1980 under the banner of Shree Swaralaya. This school has attained international recognition thus far, having trained over 200 students in India and abroad. She has been successfully performing in India, Europe, USA and Canada for the last decade. Mrs. Rajan takes pride in singing for her daughter Sridevi Jagannath, Director of Laasya School of Dance and Music, USA and her daughter-in-law Smt. Rohini Ananth, Director of Shree Swaralaya Dance school, India, in addition to singing for great artists like Venkatalakshamma, Kalanidhi Narayan, Lalitha Srinivasan, Padmini Ravi and many more.

During the years, she had the privilege of improving her skills by taking the able guidance of distinguished musicians like Vidwan V.R. Krishnan (disciple of Shri. Shemmangudi) and Maharajapuram Santhanam. She is also an auditioned artist for Doordarshan, Bangalore and All India Radio. Recently, the Government of Karnataka awarded her the title of Karnataka Kalashree.

Her vision is to convey the message of love and Bhakti through her passion for music to music- lovers worldwide. She has also dedicated her life to preserving her unique and in-depth knowledge of Carnatic music by tutoring aspiring musicians from all over the world.

Ranganayaki Rajan
Bangalore, India.
Ph: (91-80) 3562221
(919) 361-5784 (USA)

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